33 rpm Track 1 2013

33 rpm Track 1
Leporello  2013

33rpmTrack1_1 33rpmTrack1_2

This book is about revolution: rebellion, reorganisation and transformation, and more literally rotation, circling and orbiting. Depending on the viewpoint taken, a revolution can be gracefully ordered and mathematically precise, or a dramatic shake-up and metamorphosis.

One side of the page uses typography to represent upheaval and change: the bold and crashing text is intended to be a hard and uncomfortable image, mutinous because it uses words to communicate but is intentionally illegible. The reverse denotes a calm revolving universe, a harmonic dance of spheres. Colour is used to emphasise these opposing interpretations.

Physically, the leporello structure of the book symbolises more than one aspect of revolution. As the pages are lifted from their constraining box, a neat and ordered structure unfolds into chaos—anarchic and out of control. 33 rpm Track 1 also references twentieth-century recorded music. By the nature of its medium—vinyl, compact disk or hard drive—it needs to revolve to be heard, and music itself can bring about personal revolution.

33 rpm Track 1 was awarded a Highly Commended in the 2013 East Gippsland Artist Books Award.

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