6655 grains of The Sliding Sands

6655 grains of The Sliding Sands
Concertina  2018

The Keonehe’ehe’e trail, known as the Sliding Sands, is the walk into the Haleakalā crater on Maui. It is deceptively arduous. The long and steady gradual descent seems easy enough, but the thin air and loose cinder sand underfoot make the uphill return particularly challenging. Every step of this magnificent, barren, beautiful landscape is worth the effort, and although I find the walk almost too difficult, I long to be back there again. 

Pigment inks on archival inkjet paper, fabric

Concertina measures approximately 8 m long fully extended

6655 grains of The Sliding Sands is currently touring with Place: a travelling exhibition of artists’ books.


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