A Classical Education 2015

A Classical Education
7 pamphlet-stitched books  2015

I was drawn in and seduced by a volume of antique illustrations which have been in my possession for many years. It put me in mind of academia of old—Renaissance man, accomplished woman—and led me to ponder the nature of education: it is intended to prime us for life, but how much of that formal education has worth in our real-world lives? My work—a compendium of seven pamphlet books—examines the classical idea of education as the pursuit of pure knowledge. Through placement and distillation I have shifted the focus and made it my own, just as we do with the fragments of knowledge we glean in the course of our lifetime.

The seven titles are: Anatomy for beginners; Botany for beginners; Building for beginners; Flying for beginners; Sailing for beginners; Science for beginners; and Zoology for beginners. The first six titles each include a gatefold.

Inkjet-printed on Stonehenge using pigment inks
Page size 120 x 160 mm
Edition of 15

classicalcase[c]alphabetcitypress classicalarray[c]alphabetcitypress classicalcircle[c]alphabetcitypressAnatomyDPS[c]alphabetcitypress BotanyDPS2[c]alphabetcitypress FlyingDPS[c]alphabetcitypress SailingGate[c]alphabetcitypress

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