Sculptural scroll

Indexes are rarely read for their own sake. The discrete words are devoid of meaning, functioning merely as lists needing a context, a key to where knowledge and discovery lie within the codex. Yet I particularly like the look of them, the graphic pattern formed by the lines of black text on white pages. 

I wanted to fashion index pages into something enjoyable and satisfying to view in their own right, where the pleasure of reading is in observing shape, colour and form, and constructing one’s own key to the text within.

I rolled and threaded the pages to create a scroll. When fully rolled it promises to have something to reveal, the index pages presenting a code that needs to be cracked to discover meaning within. It can be partly rolled open, partly extended flat. Or hung on a wall. Or be fully open and suspended, needing only the slightest of air currents to make it revolve on its axis. Free of constraint and revolving, it evokes lightness and joy. And it looks like a giant firework, a ‘cracker’ that sparks memories of childhood celebration, happiness and play. 

Index pages from a discarded atlas, paper string, linen thread
Measures 2.2 metres fully extended x 40 cm wide

Cracker is housed in the Bibliotheca Librorum apud Artificem collection.

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