Green 2017

pamphlet-stitched book in box  2017

The parkland near my house holds a significant place in my daily life. In the early mornings I walk along the northerly stretch towards Iron Cove. I love the pre-dawn light, the birdsong, and the changing light as day emerges. I love the curved path and the sense of openness, the surprising sense of peacefulness and sanctuary and connection to nature, while simultaneously I can hear traffic and glimpse the city. My artists’ book is an appreciation of, and response to, this co-existence and interaction of nature and the human-made in my urban environment. From the bitumen-black box with its found street sign title, representing our desire to contain and delineate; opening to the astroturf lining, a simulacrum of nature, green lawn without mess or need for maintenance; to the book itself, a homage to the beauty of the nature I see on my morning walks, and the strange poetry of botanical classification.

Printed with pigment inks on Stonehenge, handmade endpapers, astroturf, bookcloth, linen thread, street sign

State Library of NSW collection


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