Kiss Sleeping Beauty Goodbye 2013

Kiss Sleeping Beauty Goodbye
Upcycled book  2013


This is a work that came about by chance when I decided to take up the Blarney Books and Art challenge of creating a work referencing, and using, a mystery book from their wheelbarrow. The result is a small sculptural work comprising a snow dome (albeit without water) on a plinth housed in a box. Pages from the book are used throughout: shredded text forms the snow, running heads appear on the base, the jacket spine title is used on the plinth, the title on the box comes from the jacket flap, and the inside of the box is lined with text pages.

As for referencing the book thematically, my Kiss Sleeping Beauty Goodbye snow dome contains an armed robot who is, literally, destroying the outmoded ideas of the ‘formula female’ as represented by traditional fairytales. The shredded pages of the book are used to represent those ideas left in tatters.

Kiss Sleeping Beauty Goodbye was exhibited in the 2013 Biblio-Art Awards at Blarney Books and Art, Port Fairy, Victoria, from June to August 2013.

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