Leaves compared with flowers 2013

Leaves compared with flowers
Coptic book in solander box  2013

This book is a homage to the eucalyptus trees that are native to the area where I live. In my view, the importance of plant life in our present day world cannot be underestimated. Trees are not just aesthetically pleasing: they clean the air we breathe and regulate temperature, and as a result enhance our quality of life. On an emotional level, walking in nature, particularly the Australian bush, provides me with strength and renewal. The universal language of Robert Frost’s poem, which has been used for the text, also resonates with me, giving another level of meaning to the beauty of our natural environment, which only adds to the imperative that we need to preserve it. Structurally, the book fans into a flower shape and is housed in a Solander box — a form named for its inventor, botanist Daniel Solander, who played an important role in the history of Australian plants.

Printed on Stonehenge fine art paper using inkjet pigment inks
Edition of 5
Measures 15 x 11.5 x 3 cm closed


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