Sheet music 2014

Sheet music
Concertina book 2014

‘Sheet music’ consists of five verses and six choruses. Six woodblock prints, from an edition I made some time ago, were disassembled and reconfigured into this concertina book where the rhythm of the imagery dictated the structure. A relief pattern, harmony to the chorus, appears on the reverse side. The eleven panels of the concertina can be arranged any number of ways, from tightly zigzagged to fully open, and when handled the pages make a click clack sound.

Thanks to Terence Uren of BEMBindery in Canberra for the inspiration for the structure of this book.

Relief prints and Japanese paper
Measures  60 x 80 x 50 mm closed, 80 x 780 mm fully open

sheetmusic1 sheetmusic2[c]alphabetcitypress sheetmusic3

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