The bas relief is what initially caught my attention. It’s too high for me to clearly distinguish what it says but it reminds me of a table setting – decorative plate, napkin, and some sort of modern geometric-inspired knife and fork. The building houses a corner food mart, but that’s just coincidence. The side benefit of looking up from street level at one thing is that your field of vision encompasses other things, like the grid pattern of wires and cross-bracing on the telegraph pole, wires appearing to go every which way when they are in fact quite ordered.

Brick wall


Last week I attended an artist’s book course at the Sturt Centre in Mittagong. Each afternoon the sun blazed onto this brick wall just outside our classroom, making the shadow of the clothesline particularly striking against the stark clarity of the various brick colours and textures. Despite the uncomfortable heatwave conditions, the reflected heat from the bricks was strangely soothing, like getting into a car that has been parked in the sun on a clear winter’s day.