Sand wich


How our perception of a word can change by such a small adjustment to the way it usually looks! Turning Sandwich into Sand Wich totally confused me! OK, so I can read it and understand it, but it’s not enirely satisfactory. It’s quite possible that the food truck, on which this banner is so gloriously gaffer taped, has made a pun rather than a typo—the truck was parked at a beach after all—but I’m not so sure.



I don’t know how we function without labelling everything! More so, I am also amazed at how a simple word can impart so much information—this hinged metal square set in concrete is obviously not a tree, but it conveys much about inner city landscape planning and management in relation to the tree close by. And I quite like that speckled pink terrazzo.



I was out for dinner at a local pizzeria the other night with my husband—the typo-sleuthing monster who, while I will admit to some initial accountability, has taken his eagle-eyed zeal to another level—and our editor friend, who is capable of demolishing the writing style of any menu with a single withering glance. I was hungry, and preoccupied with the capriciossa vs vesuvio dilemma, so I was not paying attention to, well, spelling and punctuation mistakes (or, until it was unavoidable, to their obvious glee at being treated to such an excellent example of each), but finally I caught on.