Our kitchen tap started spurting water from a place where water was not meant to spurt, so we called the plumber. Luckily it was a quick and easy fix to replace the tap, but when the water is shut off it brings to mind those times when we have had to go without water for much longer than the short time it was off today. Not so long ago there was some major problem with a supply pipe and the whole Inner West was without running water for almost two days—which makes you realise just how often you turn a tap on and how important water is to daily life. I am also reminded of this bottle of drinking water, a souvenir from the Columbus Circle Wholefoods. I liked the packaging so much I wanted the other colours too, despite the ridiculousness of carrying empty plastic water bottles home half way around the world!



I could use some amazing goop this week. I’m preparing for a small exhibition with my friend and artist colleague Sue Rawkins. I am busy printing prints, cutting mat board for frames, as well as glueing and pasting  and folding and all manner of things that need doing to finish my work in time. I’m pretty certain there will be a trip to the hardware store in the next day or so. I need a staple gun, some cord, some D-rings. And if I’m lucky I might find some amazing goop.



National Frozen Yogurt Day—now there’s a completely made-up thing! I had never tried frozen yogurt, but at the Whalers Village, Ka’anapali, where I happened to be on said fabricated day, there was quite a buzz, and everyone (including me) was making the most of the free yogurt on offer. Quite a canny promotion, I’d say, and while I have not become a convert to this particular confection, I liked their tubs of jaunty typography.

Red and white


My friend gave me a pair of lava earrings. I quizzed her about her choice—wondered if it was because she knows I am so taken with Haleakala, Mauna Kea and Kilauea. She said that was partly the reason, the other factor being that the graphic blackness of them suited the designer in me. But that’s only half the story of her considered gift-giving. The other was the package it came in: a carry bag, massive in proportion relative to the gift within, but perfect nonetheless. Red sans serif upper case city names repeated over and over on a white background.

Time tunnel


When I was a kid there was a tv show called The Time Tunnel. I remember two things about it: one, that I was so enthralled by it I never missed an episode, and two, that the tunnel was a black and white swirly thing and they used to run down it. Of course this is not a time tunnel; it’s a recycled paper bag. And it has twofold appeal: first, it came my way via my friend via New York, and second, the use of the letter ‘a’ in a black and white swirly thing.