The end


I can’t even remember what movie this was. I have a vague memory of it being the tail end of something before the thing I was recording started—highly likely in light of the fact that tv program guide times are more of a suggestion than something you can set the recording clock by. Anyway, I just thought it was rather lovely—pleasingly proportioned and elegantly drawn, on that moody backdrop of clouds.



Also at the Ulupalakua Ranch is this sign. I’m not certain—because I was too busy admiring the carved sleeve and pointing finger—but I’m pretty sure pedestrians are being thanked for keeping to the path, as the writing appears on both sides. I particularly like the pointing device, which made me laugh because this type of formal attire—white cuff, navy blue jacket with buttons—is such a rare sight in the Hawaiian islands, where the aloha shirt is de rigueur. The typeface is Brush Script.

Murray Hill


Murray Hill is the area of midtown Manhattan bounded by East 34th Street, East 40th Street, Madison Avenue and Third Avenue. The Murray family—shipping and overseas trade merchants—arrived in the 1750s, and soon after rented land from the city for a great house and farm. They built their house, named Inclenberg but popularly called Murray Hill, on the corner of what is now Park Avenue and 36th Street. Murray Hill, the typeface, was designed for the American Type Founders (ATF) in 1956 by Emil J Klumpp. I always imagined that Murray Hill was named for the Manhattan neighbourhood, but in fact the inspiration came from the small town of Murray Hill in New Jersey. There is a connection however: the New Jersey town was founded by Carl H Schultz, whose mineral water business was at one time located in New York’s Murray Hill.