Weather, wear and tear, neglect and dilapidation can turn the ordinary into something unexpected and interesting. This peeling paint speaks to me of another world with rugged coastlines, vast interiors, island continents and uncharted territories. If I tried to paint this I couldn’t but I would see it in my imagination and want to explore those alien lands.



There’s a Wai Sing fish cafe in Bristol and a Sing Wai bookstore in Toronto, but I bet this is the only Wai Sing graced with the presence of a flamenco dancer. I like that one cafe name has been painted over the other, and that together they have weathered into a subtly coloured whole, but what I like best is that other partnership: the singing and dancing.


Anyone who has ever driven east along the Camperdown stretch of Parramatta Road has seen this. I think it’s great: bold as anything, audacious as all get out. The paint is starting to weather a little now so it has settled pretty comfortably into its urban landscape. What I particularly like about it as a work of art is how effortless it looks and how well it sits – definite indicators that real skill went into drawing it.