Saddle and harness


Tomorrow is the first Tuesday in November, which makes it Melbourne Cup Day, one of the most significant days in the Australian calendar. The Melbourne Cup, held at Flemington Racecourse, is a 3200 metre thoroughbred horse race. It’s a public holiday in metropolitan Melbourne, and around the country pretty much everyone stops to watch the race on tv, glass of champagne in one hand, betting slips in the other. One year I got my American friend involved. I sent him the form guide, he picked the horse, I placed the bet, and to my great astonishment the horse won! Kneipp’s Saddle and Harness Emporium, in Tenterfield, certainly won’t be supplying any gear this year. In the late 1800s Frederick Kneipp offered ‘a new improved saddle’, but all that’s left of the building, after it was destroyed by fire in 2011, is this burnt and blistered facade.

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