I had no plan about what to write about today, so I decided to put it off and go to the gym instead. (See! I really didn’t know what to write about!) On my return the street was busier than usual for the time of day so I had to park further down the road, a spot which afforded me a view of the sky that I would have missed had I parked in the usual place in front of my house. So today I am thankful to the Taoist principle of wu wei—or ‘right place, right time’, where action does not involve struggle or excessive effort but instead allows for the harmonious working of the universe. In fact, I was so thrilled to see this single, perfect word in the sky that I did not hang around to see another word appear and turn it into some advertising gimmick. The irony also amused me: that a pilot with such control of the plane that they could write the word ‘help’ was certainly in no need of it.

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