This is a little off typographic topic, but I saw Radiohead this week and there’s no space in my head for anything else. I have been trying to think of a way to turn it around, work in something about type branding, album art or graphic design, but really I just want to say I saw Radiohead. Twice. I once dared to voice the opinion that, finally, here was a band better than The Beatles. I was met with stony silence and I’m still not sure if the person in earshot agreed with me or couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Radiohead this week has reminded me that I have seen some outstanding live performances over the years, so here, in chronological order with the most recent first, is my top five.

  • Radiohead Sydney Entertainment Centre, and if I want to get specific the first show has the edge over the second
  • Herbie Hancock and band, Sydney Opera House
  • Elvis Costello solo show, Enmore Theatre Sydney
  • John Lee Hooker Paramount Theatre Seattle
  • Public Image Ltd Hordern Pavilion Sydney
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