Another call box


I was pretty excited about revisiting the site of the call box that got me started on this whole blog thing, so it took me completely by surprise that it wasn’t there. On my recent visit to Hawaii we drove the Pali Highway several times: every time I looked out for that original call box, and every time it wasn’t there. Much of the graffiti and painted signage that I have photographed over the last couple of years has disappeared but I didn’t expect a call box to be removed! However it seems that the popularity of cell phones has made many of the Oahu call boxes obsolete—assistance calls dropped from 2634 in 2001 to 361 in 2011—and at least 276 of them have been removed. This one is on the Honoapiilani Highway, Maui, and comes complete with a priority mail sticker. I should have acted fast and added my address—then maybe someone would have posted it to me.

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