Birds birds


The days are getting longer, the nights are not so cold, and it’s that time of year when the bird sounds are changing with the season. There are currawongs, fig birds, magpies and swallows. I haven’t heard a koel yet, but it’s only a matter of time, and once the currawongs finish their nests we will hear the wicked witch sound of the channel-billed cuckoo. This awning is more likely referring to budgerigars and peach faces and their trade is perhaps less seasonal. The typeface is a weight of the Antique Olive family, which despite its name is not antique, but rather a humanist sans serif typeface. It was designed in the early 1960s by French typographer Roger Excoffon for Fonderie Olive. His other typefaces include Mistral, Banco, Choc and Calypso.

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