Top 10 fonts


My attention was drawn recently to an article in The Guardian, in which Domenic Lippa of Pentagram listed his ten favourite fonts: Akzidenz Grotesk, New Baskerville, DIN 1451, Franklin Gothic, HTF Didot, Gotham, Knockout, Gill Shadow, Rockwell and Sabon. What a task to choose only ten! It made me think about my favourites, and also how they change over time — there are fonts I once used on a regular basis but have barely looked at these last couple of years. I would have to agree with Lippa that Akzidenz Grotesk is ‘probably the best typeface ever designed’, and despite its current ubiquitousness I would also include Gotham on my list. And perhaps Archer, which is the type I am, according to Pentagram’s ‘what type are you?’ game.

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